A word from Wayne

I have spent my entire career in television production and spent just over 20 years working for UTEL Digital Magic at Norwood, a suburb of Adelaide.

During that time I was involved in many varied aspects of TV commercial production including camera work, sound recording on location and in the studio, editing, graphic work and of course a lot of film transfers.

I also looked after the computer network at UTEL Digital Magic

In January 2016, I took over the entire film transfer business at a different location under the new name of COPY TO DISC.


Customer Satisfaction

 At COPY TO DISC, my highest priority is satisfied customers. You are important  to me and I rely on happy customers to give good word of mouth so I may continue into the future. I know you won't recommend me to others if you receive lousy service or a lousy job. You can expect me to go the extra mile for your business - an old cliche maybe but I take it very seriously. Superior customer service is something I always held high when working at Digital Magic and this continues with COPY TO DISC.

 I look forward to an opportunity to work for you, and be able to help you preserve your family memories to a digital format to be passed on and kept alive in your family.

Remember also, when you call or email, you are speaking to the bloke who does the job!

About Wayne