Digital Magic

Digital Magic was established in 1984 by George and Lynn Usher and gained a high reputation for video production of many hundreds of local commercials and corporate videos.

In December 2015, Digital Magic at Beulah Road closed its doors, downsized and has relocated

George specialises in many things but particularly 3D computer animation. One notable large animation was for the ASC on the complete assembly of the new Warship Destroyers long before work actually began.

As well as animation, George concentrates on archival transfers of older harder to play video formats such as 1” broadcast, Digital Betacam, SP Betacam and standard Betacam (not to be confused with the domestic format Betamax), U-Matic, and vintage reel to reel and cassette video formats - excluding VHS and Betamax.

George regularly transfers old tape formats for the National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra as well as the New Zealand equivalent.

For inquiries regarding archival tape transfers, computer animation and special projects please call George on:

0419 817 548  or email:


Digital Magic