COPY TO DISC specialises in the transfer of:

Movie Film

Standard and Super 8mm (with or without sound at silent or sound speed) 9.5mm

  • These formats are transferred on custom built machines.
    The camera is focused directly on the frame in the film gate.
    There is no projecting on the wall or using cheap setups that can be bought on the Internet. The light source is even over the entire frame (no dark corners) and is cold so it can never harm your film as old projectors could do if the film stopped.
    (also see the FAQ page for more information)

16 and 35mm

  • These are transferred on a modern BlackMagic Design Cintel scanner as shown here. This is capable of scanning 16mm in High Definition and 35mm at up to 4K resolution. It is very gentle on film and delivers excellent results. Both positive or negative film can easily be transferred to the format of your choice.

TAPES and memory cards

  • U-matic tapes
  • VHS, Super VHS, VHS-C (the small VHS tapes used in cameras),
  • Betamax, Mini-DV Mini-DVCam and full size DVCam tapes.
  • Video 8, Hi-8 and Digital 8 tapes
  • HDV high definition camera tapes
  • Betacam, SP Betacam, SX Betacam and Digital Betacam.
  • 1″ broadcast video tapes
  • Video files from Video cameras, still cameras etc


  • 35mm – high resolution scans and/ or slide shows to DVD or Blu-Ray


  • Cassettes, Open reel tapes
  • DAT, PCM tapes on VHS/Betamax
  • Records and 78s to Audio CD or computer files, e.g. WAV, MP3 …
  • Noise reduction for tape hiss or record clicks also available.


If editing of VIDEO or AUDIO is required, COPY TO DISC can also help with that.
If you have any other formats please give me a call.

To preserve your material in the absolute best archival way – up to 1000 years claimed, I can transfer your film/tapes to M-Disc media DVDs or Blu-Rays. These discs effectively etch the information in a stone type material and so the information can’t fade over time like dye based blank discs. Ask me more if you are interested.

For any questions please contact me on
0407 534 697